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Artist | Student | Digital Art
Current residence: My parents house.xD
Favorite genre of music: All kind
Favorite cartoon character: Sonic by the moment.xD


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At first I wanted a Premium Membership. But know I will need to points to ask for commissions and stuff like that.^^

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Journal Entry: Thu Apr 9, 2015, 4:24 PM
  • Mood: Worried
  • Reading: InuYasha Manga
  • Watching: The Good Wife
  • Playing: Zelda The Majora's Mask
Hey there. I'm annoucing everyone that I open a new account not here on DA but in pixiv
Don't panic. I'm not leaving I love deviantART! . But, I could use a bit of help.

You'll see, due to some misunderstanding someone on that website, thought I stole my own art.
InuKag - ED Secret Santa 2013 by Noble-Maiden

Which its common since its a website that has no connections with deviantART .

So, from now on, all my works will have a signature to prove its my work. It was recommended by reliable friends, so people cannot steal my art nor think I stole it sonce my Inuyasha art has become quite popular, more than i intended.

I'm going to upload each pic I made and add it my signature.... its a long work so it will be little by little. However, I do not know if I would add signature to commissions, gifts, requests and art trades, though. I could ise some information on that.

It would help a lot if those who are familiar with my art, could spread the word so there's no confusion. And those who I allowed my art to use outside DA... please help me.


SPOILER... by Noble-Maiden
Just like the title says. This is an SPOILER of an 7 year old Aiko, with Miroku and Sango's twins.
The kimono pattern took me a while to choose, but I hope you all like it.
The twin of the green kimono is called Nanami and the pink one Nozomi.xD I just liked the names for them.
You all remember how the twins when they were little, they loved playing with their Inu uncle.^^ But after Aiko's birth, all their attention went to her.

(You wonder about the monkey?That's Aiko's toy ever since she was little. Even though Japanese says dogs and monkeys are supposed to be enemies, Aiko loves monkey. xD She even calls it Momo. I DIDN'T STEALED THE NAME FROM AVATAR. BUT FROM THIS . )
Widespread goodness by Noble-Maiden
Widespread goodness
Under the night of the new moon, Kagome brought a new life to the world who become part of hers and InuYasha's family.

(Yoshihiro means ''Widespread goodness'')


Inuyasha and Kagome (c) Rumiko Takahashi
Noble Maiden (c) Masaru and Yoshihiro
Season of the Cold Winter by Noble-Maiden
Season of the Cold Winter
I wanted to upload this pic in december, but technically it's still winter so I suppose it counts.=P (Razz)

It was a night of the New Moon during the winter of the Feudal Era. Inuyasha and Kagome were going back home after visiting Miroku and Sango's. 

Inu: *grumble* I still don't know how you convinced me to leave.
Kagome: I know you don't like leaving home in this night but-
Inu: It has nothing to do with me turning human. I don't like you pushing yourself, specially when the baby can come any day soon.
Kagome: *
She smiled warmly and wrapped her arm with his* Thank you, My dearest.
Inu: *blushes* Keh! Don't take it so seriously. I must look after of you and the baby.

*Inuyasha feels his son, Masaru moaning and pulling closer to his father's kimono feeling warmer and safe*

Inu: *smiles warmly* And of course I would never forget of looking after you, kiddo.
Kag: *smiling of the love and care Inuyasha shows for them, she restes her head on his shoulder*

The family kept following their way home, eithout knowing something special will happen that night.

Inuyasha and Kagome (c) Rumiko Takahashi
Noble Maiden (c) Masaru

Papa will come soon... by Noble-Maiden
Papa will come soon...
A pic only for Kagome and Masaru... and of ourse the future baby.xD

Picture this: Inuyasha left with Miroku doing their ''jobs'' as demon slayers. Which means Kagome is home, outside along with Masaru waiting for Inuyasha under the lights of the sunset.
Masaru worried that his future sibling might feel alone with their father, he reached to Kagome's belly and told the baby:

''Don't worry, little brother. Papa will come soon.''
And all Kagome could was but smile at her son consoling the baby.

At first I thought of including Inuyasha and add something different, but in the end I wanted this to be a moment of mother and son.

Kagome Higurashi (c) Rumiko Takahashi
Masaru (c) Noble-Maiden

What happened to all yokais in the Feudal Era after 500 years in the future, on Kagome's Era? 

57 deviants said They are hidden among humans
7 deviants said They are only a few left
5 deviants said They are extinct
5 deviants said They left Japan and are somewhere else
3 deviants said They died during the Japanese wars
3 deviants said Other options *comment*

What happened to all yokais in the Feudal Era after 500 years in the future, on Kagome's Era? 

57 deviants said They are hidden among humans
7 deviants said They are only a few left
5 deviants said They are extinct
5 deviants said They left Japan and are somewhere else
3 deviants said They died during the Japanese wars
3 deviants said Other options *comment*



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